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November New Products Spotlight:
New camera, new accessories

Pro8mm Distributes Logmar Camera
Pro8mm and Logmar

Logmar Camera Solutions of Denmark has introduced a new Super 8mm film camera, and Burbank, Calif.-based Pro8mm has entered into an agreement with the company to serve as the exclusive North American distributor. The Logmar Super 8 camera is equipped with features long absent or never available from legacy Super 8mm equipment. Features include: a pin-registered system and dedicated pressure plate, crystal-synchronized frame rates from 6-40 fps, stereo audio recording to an SD card, Wi-Fi remote control, a digital viewfinder, a programmable function button, and upgradeable firmware via standard USB connector.

For more information, visit www.logmar.dk and www.pro8mm.com.

Samaserve Accessorizes With Nipros

Samaserve has introduced the Nipros line of camera-agnostic systems and accessories for 4K and Full HD (1920x1080) production workflows. Currently, the line includes the Nipros LS-750/GT camera-mounted fiber adapter system, the LS-750/850GT fiber adapter system, the HDS 300 camera sled, the 7" HDF-700 Viewfinder, and ES-Series multi-core system base stations. Additionally, Samaserve offers an array of Nipros camera-system accessories for manufacturer-specific cameras. The line also includes the AS-1P for full lens control, and the FR-P1 for focus/iris.

For more information, visit www.samaserve.com.

Maxell Enters Accessories Market

Maxell Professional Media has added a line of professional camera accessories to its portfolio of storage and backup media. The initial lineup includes a range of power shoe adapters; a shoe clamp, which is designed to conveniently connect to the handle of most cameras and/or camera rigs; an array of power connectors; and a USB charge adapter, which allows the user to recharge any smart device off of the camera battery.

For more information, visit www.maxellpromedia.com or www.maxellpro.com.

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